Wordpress Hosting

Your Wordpress website: fast, secure and always online.

WordPress is a personal platform focussed on beaty, web standards and usability. It is the most widely used software for setting up a weblog or blog. The possibilities are endless.

Wordpress is used by numerous indivdiuals and companies to build their website or blog. With the use of Softaculous you are able to install Wordpress yourself with just a few clicks.

Do you want to discover all the benefits of Wordpress hosting?

Wordpress is the ideal tool for creating your website or blog. We would like to present you some of it's most important features.

Possibility to leave comments
There is an in-built comment feature, which you can install or not, that allows users to give their opinion about your published items. This feature is completely Web 2.0 compliant, which makes users participants more than just simple visitors.

Protection against spam with built-in filters
Since users can add comments, there are also automatic spambots that to try to place ads as a reaction. But that is not a problem! The built-in spam filters carefully filter all spam messages.

Possibility to limit the access Would you like to publish your articles just for a restricted audience, such as e.g. for an internal weblog for your company or association? No problem: you can protect each post with a password.

Multiple authors/managers are possible
There are no less than 10 user levels with each Wordpress hosting. So, you can perfectly assign rights to each user.

Immediate submission to search engines Thanks to the built-in Ping-O-Matic service, each post is immediately submitted to search engines. Since Wordpress is identified as a blog, your blog post is almost immediately listed in the search results.

No rebuilding necessary
Would you like to choose another layout? No problem. Your content is immediately integrated in the new layout without you having to change anything manually.

Entirely W3C compliant
All the code that is created with Wordpress is entirely W3C compliant. W3C is the international standard for website codes. A correct website code avoids problems, bugs and bad referencing in search engines.