Joomla Hosting

Your Joomla website: fast, secure and always online.

Joomla is a very commonly used Content Management System (CMS) to develop powerful websites and online applications. A CMS allows you to publish the content of your website (text, videos, music, photos, images, etc.) on the Internet without any technical knowledge. Joomla includes a powerful framework to build websites and is entirely modular. Yu can customize it as you want.

Numerous associations, companies and public services use Joomla to build their websites and applications. With the use of Softaculous you are able to install Joomla yourself with just a few clicks.

Do you want to discover all the benefits of Joomla CMS hosting?

Here is an overview of the main features.

Out-of-the-box modules
Each Joomla hosting includes an installation with very numerous features. In addition, it is possible to extend the system at any time by choosing among more than 3,500 modules.

Easy to manage
Managing a Joomla website is very easy. An intuitive control panel helps you to manage your Joomla websites effortlessly.

Fast and efficient thanks to the caching technique
Caching makes it possible not to have to reload the whole content each time that a new visitor visits the website. This technique allows visitors to see the websites faster and also limits the necessary resources. Thanks to this built-in caching technique, your Joomla website works much faster than a traditional website.

Several layouts can be personalized. For most websites that use the Joomla framework, you will not notice it. There are indeed several layouts (website designs) available that you can subsequently entirely customize to your own look and feel.

Active Joomla community
The Joomla community is very large. That offers you nothing but benefits. The number of extra modules grows by the day and bugs are also immediately reported. Because of that, Joomla is one of the best and safest CMS packages.

Search engine friendly pages
For most websites, search engines are the most important traffic generators. That is why this aspect has been taken into account when developing the Joomla CMS. All the pages developed in Joomla are optimized for search engines.

Advanced access control with roles and permissions
It is perfectly possible to specify several managers for your Joomla website. Moreover, you can assign permissions to each user. So, you can also create users with no rights or with limited rights. You can assign an individual policy for each user.