Why don't you offer unlimited bandwidth?

While it is true that some competitors offer hosting plans with what seems unlimited bandwidth, this is not always the case. If you have a look at the fine print you will notice that this only involves the transfer of files directly related to your website and is subject to a "fair use" policy./p>

This means that your website could be shut down at any time if they consider your use of their service to be "unfair". How they define "unfair" is arbitrary but will always involve drawing a line somewhere on the amount of bandwidth you can use. They will not tell you where they draw this line, because then they'd be setting a limit on bandwidth usage and would no longer be able to claim "unlimited bandwidth". When you reach this invisible line, the host will often discontinue your service completely rather than offer you an upgrade to a package with greater bandwidth, in some cases with little or no notice at all.

We choose to put a hard limit in place so you know upfront what you are getting and are free to use it in whatever way you want.

What if my website becomes popular and requires more bandwidth?

If the traffic is legitimate and does not violate our "fair use" policy We will simply provide you with more bandwidth automatically or contact you to work out a solution.

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